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Meet The Staff

Since 1992, Ricardo "Rick" Paoli has owned and operated Rick's Olde Gold.  His colorful personality, straightforward style, and generous spirit have endeared him to the Willy Street community.  Rick's Olde Gold is now destination shopping for anyone strolling down Madison's most walkable, funky, and eclectic neighborhood. 

Paoli's 34 years of customer service experience includes four years operating Paoli Real Estate (commercial and rental property), and 14 years managing popular Madison restaurant Ovens of Brittany. 

Outside the shop, Rick spent 30 years behind the plate, playing baseball in Madison's City League.  He enjoys Running, Basketball, and Fishing, and is an avid Model Designer and Builder.  He loves live music, boasts an impressive yo-yo collection, and writes smart-alec rhymes like nobody's business.

He has run across the country on his own two feet, once served as a shrimp boat captain, and is a ping pong superstar once playing against the chinese in ping pong diplomacy. 



A fifteen year employee of Rick's Olde Gold, Heather Herian is highly experienced in the diamonds, gold, and precious metals market.  She assists with all aspects of the business.  With an associates degree in human services, she is quite proficient with people.  

She enjoys shopping, walking on the beach or around town, and attending local festivals.  A mother since late 2009, her wonderful young son loves to drive her crazy with fidget spinners, and minecraft.  

Heather was once a fully grown human being until the unfortunate jerk chicken accident of 2005 when she was diminished in size by 33%.  Now whenever she eats Jamaican food, she becomes partially transparent for five hours.  The reverse side effect is that whenever she eats mushrooms, she grows 20% until she comes into contact with a turtle.



Thomas Spoerl is our resident computer operator and google-fu expert.  He also maintains the collection of guitars for sale in the store, manages our ebay sales and interactions, and occasionally tests vintage 

He also serves as a bouncer at another local business, rolling people out the door when things get rowdy.  He enjoys motorcycles and riding, playing and repairing guitars and is a firearms enthusiast.

Tom once was shot out of a giant canon, clocking in at 143mph before akwardly landing in an ongoing bar mitzvah.  He has spoken fluent hebrew since.  Tom was rescued from being found eating gray spagetti from the garbage behind the store with a small tweezers.

Please enjoy this image of a horse while you wait for a current picture of Tom.