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        If you are feeling pressured and squeezed to the point of actually turning into a diamond, grab a green tea, and stop by at Rick's Olde Gold!  We will help take the pressure out of diamond and jewelry buying and selling. 

ABCs of Diamonds


When you're acting like a person that knows diamonds, you'll know this.


Do's and Don'ts

Diamond Don'ts

  • Online selling often lacks important safegaurds
  • Listen to the the buyer. We're knowledgeable!
  • Do not sell your diamond jewelry at a furniture estate sale
  • If you're uncomfortable in a store, politely exit
  • Store owner should not take your diamond in the back for an extended time. This is unprofessional and uncomfortable.
  • Try not to sell diamonds when the store is near closing

Diamond Do's

  • Get qoutes on your diamonds before you sell them. 
  • Bring in all paperwork and certifications that you have
  • Diamonds are not seasonal and can be sold at any time
  • Clean your jewelry first and do not pull stones out
  • Large diamonds are most valuable but all stones have value
  • Establish a rapport with a store you trust, like Rick's Olde Gold
  • Think about a diamond expert and do what they would do

Our educational section using cool charts;  Here at Rick's Olde Gold, where we help you with "That book learnin' fer you readin' folk."


Best Medium Least

3 Basic forms of inclusions
(Inclusions block light)

  •   Cracks - like broken glass
  •   Clouds - like storm clouds
  •   Black spots - like pepper flakes 




  • Yellow is less desirable
  • Colorless is ideal






  • Round diamonds always retain their value.
  • Cuts other than round can vary greatly in value depending on trends.



 Fun facts

  • A one carat diamond is about the size of a pencil eraser
  • The above grades determine the value along with carat weight
  • If you like the look of the diamond overall, buy it!
  • Shine on you crazy diamond!