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Rick On The Radio

Ricardo was a regular guest on popular WSUM variety talk show Fundamental Pete's Ass-Jammery.  In each 2-hour show, topics of discussion range all over, from Rick's brush with an infamous serial killer, to Madison's role in the civil rights movement, to rapping for phone calls.  It's now been some time since the show's last episode, and unfortunately most if not all of the Ass-Jammery episodes are no longer available.  We are attempting to locate copies of them and will post them to this page if we are successful.



Rick In Print

On Willy Street, 'The People Care' 

The Capital Times

Monday, August 1, 1994


47 Ways to Buy Local

Madison Magazine

May, 2006

Buying and Selling the Old-Fashioned Way 

In Business magazine

August, 2011


Rick interviewed about new Madison Secondhand Dealer Ordinance 

January, 2012

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