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Sell Smart

Why don't other Buyers tell you what percentage of the Value of Your Metal they will pay you?

Because they don't want you to know how much you're adding to their Bottom Line.

In any other marketplace, whether shopping for cars or food, prices are clearly labeled and easily accessible.  At Rick's Olde Gold, we believe that the experience of selling your gold and silver should feature the same tranparency and availability of information.

That's why we fully explain every offer, providing you with complete information about your items, their value, and how that number is calculated.  We do the conversions in front of you.  And if we make a deal, we provide a detailed receipt that walks you through every step.


Rick's Logical Tips

  1. Know your numbers.
  2. Get 3 quotes.
  3. Go to established jewelry buyers.
  4. Stay local.
  5. Get advice from friends in the know.
  6. Weekend Gold Buyers pay low.
  7. Chain Gold Buyers pay low.
  8. Stick with Independents and Family Stores.
  9. Stones in your jewelry, no matter how small have value, make sure they are included in the price.

Rick's Personal Tips

  1. Value your gold before you need the cash.
  2. Try to retain family heirlooms.
  3. Don't be impulsive or short-sighted.
  4. Think about a rookie gold seller, and don't do that.
  5. Don't send or sell jewelry or silver flatware to an estate salesman or estate auctioneer.   

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